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Get to know the characters within the pages of MBM Comics.



Daniel Christianson

Days ago, Daniel Christianson met a mysterious man, Archbishop Virgil Spell. Virgil brought with him, claims that Dan was the progeny of a mystical race of people who harness the power of Vim and use it to fuel elemental abilities. These elemental adepts are known as Castorans. Daniel had an explosive awakening that injured and killed hundreds of people. He now seeks to tame his new abilities before he can harm himself or anyone else.

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Courtney Cabot

A mysterious telepath and hacker of an unknown division of the Department of Homeland Security. Courtney's task is to find whoever caused the Olney Terminal explosion and apprehend them by any means necessary.

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Susan Summers

Susan awakened from a slumber inside a hidden government black site with newfound abilities and a broken memory. With the aid of her shock-boots, Susan can move at speeds greater than any living being on Earth.

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